“Their time and thoughtfulness during the book signing was a memorable experience for all who attended.”

—Bob Holzman,
General Manager, TPC Prestancia

Shelby and Tony, booked together or separately, are available for a variety of speaking engagements, from keynotes, to conferences and corporate seminars, to smaller sessions on specific topics.

Tony and Shelby

Shelby’s areas of expertise:

  • Life lessons from law, how the courtroom shapes personal and professional outlook, and getting where you want to be
  • Corporate law, including crisis management for lawyers and what businesses should know from a former General Counsel for McDonald’s
  • His journey from lawyer to bestselling author and the world of the legal thriller
  • The experience of co-authorship

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Tony’s areas of expertise:

  • Life lessons from the golf course, including being a leader in and out of the game and translating lessons learned as an athlete to the rest of your life journey
  • The game of golf today and how it’s changed—the good and the bad
  • The differences in writing autobiography, non-fiction, and fiction
  • The experience of co-authorship

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Places Spoken

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