Advice to Novelists: Part 3—Successful Collaboration

Let’s face it: writing a book is a lot of work! Some authors thrive on the glorious solitude, of course. Such writers can’t imagine sharing the creative agony—or the title page—with anyone else. But sometimes, for various reasons, authors decide that a co-authorship arrangement is the best way to bring … read more

Advice to Novelists: Part 2—Creating Vivid Characters

Think about some of your favorite characters from literature. Why do you remember them? When you think of them, what image forms in your memory? Which of their words do you recall, and how do their voices sound in your mind?

A great story has to be populated with great characters, … read more

Advice to Novelists: Part 1—Applying Your Previous Career to Your Fiction

To entertain, a story has to be convincing. And to write a convincing story, the novelist needs to construct a world for the story that feels authentic for the reader. One way that some novelists do that is by utilizing the knowledge and experiences they have gleaned from pursuing a … read more

How a Golf Thriller Gets Written: Part 3

As I think back on my list of favorite books—and, like most booklovers, I’ve got a pretty long list—I realize that most of the stories that have really stuck with me through the years have things in common. They all feature good, solid, vivid writing, for one thing.

You don’t have … read more

How a Golf Thriller Gets Written: Part 2

The most indispensable part of any story is tension. We all know this, consciously or subconsciously. Think about your favorite stories …

I can still remember, as a kid in school, getting to the part in the story where Ichabod Crane sees the fearsome figure of the Headless Horseman on the … read more

How a Golf Thriller Gets Written: Part 1

I mentioned in an earlier blog how I love writing, and I’ve also written about my lifelong love for the game of golf. I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that when I started thinking about writing a golf-based legal thriller, the idea grabbed hold of me kind … read more